Our commitments

Our project:

We offer responsible stays in natural areas, always trying to preserve the environment and to help the local population welfare.

Our commitments:

Economic development and welfare of local populations

We prefer direct contact with local merchants with whom we work in partnership.

Long term preservation of natural, cultural and social resources (sustainable tourism)

We visit the natural sites in small groups and encourage visitors to respect the local environment and people.

Authentic communication between the travelers and the local population

All our tours have been developed in order to allow visitors to do authentic encounters with the Bahia people, experience their culture and participate in their daily lives in a spirit of sharing and respect.

“Encourage the use and the appreciation of the resources by the visitors, protect their originality and their attractiveness for future generations, are considered as the only means to develop tourism or leisure activities in a sustainable manner.”

Doris Ruschmann – Economist, São Paulo, Brasil


Address: Agência  Bahia Metisse Travessa José Bahia, 7, Santo Antônio, Salvador-BA CEP 40.301-350

Phone.: +55 (71)98801-0837

Email: contact@bahiametisse.com